How To Track How Much Do You Type, Use Your Mouse Etc. [Tutorial] Is Here!

Do you feel that you could have moved your hands, keystroke by keystroke, across the globe twice every day? Interested in finding out just how much you type a day? Do you know which applications you use the most? Do you know which applications use the most bandwidth?How To Measure All This ?

1.Open this website

2.Click on Downloads
3.Select your Operating System and click on Download

4.Run the setup and install WhatPulse

5.It will ask you to install WinPcap, install it

6.Now, register for WhatPulse

7.After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox

8.After confirming your e-mail address, open WhatPulse app and log in with your credentials

9.That's it, You're done

Note:-If you don't receive a confirmation e-mail, then go to the support section and then select contact us, then type in your Name & E-mail. Then in the box type "i have not received my confirmation e-mail, please resend it.".After doing this, they will send you a confirmation e-mail.

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